Top 10 Luggage & Travel Gear Sites & Retailers for June 2017
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Luggage Online offers a vast selection of various types of luggage that fit your every need. On its site, you can find what you're looking for either by choosing to browse luggage items and accessories by brands or through its different categories: Luggage Backpacks Laptop Bags Duffels Briefc... read more >
Since 1982, Vera Bradley has specialized in bright colorful cotton quilted handbags, luggage, paper and gift ideas, and accessories. Customers can also find tech accessories such as laptop bags, iPad covers, and more.  When visiting the school and office section, customers can find pens, penci... read more > is an online store that sell travel-sized and individual sized products in huge range. They carry more than 2,000 travel-sized and individual sized products in stock, including more than 100 kits and gift sets, and they are continually adding to their inventory. Their travel sized p... read more >
Relic Watches sells the Relic brand of watches, handbags, wallets and sunglasses. Relic is a brand of Fossil. Relic Watches sells their brand of watches for men and women and currently have a 30% - 79% clearance sale on everything they list on their website. You can shop for their products by Stylis... read more >
LuggageBase is an online retailer of various kinds of quality travel luggage as well as other types of bags and cases. Product categories that you can find at LuggageBase include: Luggage Backpacks Duffels Briefcases Handbags Travel Accessories LuggageBase carries products from some of th... read more >
Bags Buy also known as Shoe Buy was founded in 1999.  Shoe Buy specializes in a large inventory of shoes.  Bags Buy specializes in selling a wide variety of bags including backpacks, purses, handbags, laptop bags, luggage sets , suitcases, tote bags, leather bags, and more.  Bags Buy ... read more >
The provides its customers a wide variety of bags according to the style, brand, price, gender of user, color, and more. The different bags tendered by the site are: Backpacks Briefcases Computer Cases Diaper Bags Golf Bags Handbags Leather bags Luggage Messenger Bags Purses ... read more >
Walkabout Travel Gear provides useful equipment for adventure travel Whether you are on a deserted beach or a campground, you need towels and other products They offer the following products: Light weight, quick drying products Dual voltage hair dryers Dual voltage ceramic hair straighten... read more >
LuggagePoint is one of the top online retailers of luggage and various kinds of bags and cases as well as other travel necessities. Among the products that you can find at this online store include: Luggage Backpacks Briefcases Tote Bags Duffel Bags Laptop Cases Travel Accessories Luggag... read more >
Irv's Luggage sells every type of luggage and carrying case you can think of. They have been in the business of selling luggage for 65 years and know what they are doing. Irv's Luggage carries all brands of luggage, bags and carrying cases including Briggs and Riley, Samsonite, Delsey, Eagle Creek, ... read more >
Baggu is company which sells reusable nylon and leather bags, backpacks, gadget cases and many other accessories. All their nylon bags/backpacks/cases are washable (by hand or machine). Here is a listing of all Baggu products: Baggu - Holds 50 lbs.,15.5" wide, 25.5" high, 6" deep Babby... read more > is a incredible and remarkable website is that offers guaranteed low prices on all kinds of luggage, duffel bag, business accessories and handbags. You will find varieties of products on luggage guru that range with good quality stock. You will find best-branded luggage products on t... read more >
Crumpler Bags sells stylish bags that last and look great. Crumpler Bags are perfect for both professional and non-professionals, and look great with business attire or casual wear. Crumpler Bags sells: Camera bags Camera bag accessories Laptop messenger bags Laptop sleeves Laptop ... read more >
GreenSmart manufactures and sells green or environmentally friendly bags. Their Earth friendly bags are made of 100% certified post-consumer recycled PET plastic water and soda bottles. The plastic bottles are ground into PET flakes and converted into a raw material. This is them sorted through to f... read more >  offers all the top brands of luggage and business cases with vast assortment of styles, colors, and sizes at low price. They are well established large retail and repair facility for brand name luggage and they are adding new products daily.  They are true luggage gurus be... read more >
Booq is a company that sells a variety of backpacks, briefs, folios, shoulder bags and sleeves. They offer collections by Boa, Fiber, Mamba, Python, Taipan and Viper. Booq states, "Many of our bags are made from polyurethane-backed ballistic nylon, which is water-repellent and will protect against t... read more > is the name of an online company which sells mostly pink bags for everyday use and accessories. The categories of the bags to be sold are Checkpoint-Friendly Bags, Ipad/EReader Cases, Laptop Backpacks, Laptop Cases, Laptop Messenger Bags, Laptop Sleeves, Laptop Totes, Leather Laptop ... read more >
Ecobags sells reusable shopping bags. Reusable shopping bags have become popular recently as more people are becoming aware of how much pollution plastic bags are creating, especially in the oceans. Some cities have even imposed a tax or extra fee if you use plastic bags at grocery stores. Reusable ... read more > offers various fashion accessories and an exclusive selection of authentic trendy handbags, such as leather shoulder bags and designer leather handbags with versatile and stylish design at the most competitive price.  It now carry a complete line of premium and popular brands,... read more >
Tumi is a company that offers handbags and travel bags. They offer a variety briefcases, backpacks, totes, messenger bags, carry on luggage, large wheeled luggage, satchels, duffel bags, garment bags, gym bags and more. They offer bags for business, travel and everyday for men and women. They offer ... read more > is an online retailer which offers a wide variety of handbags, backpacks, laptop bags, and more.  You can find all of your favorite name brands and any bag that best suits your lifestyle.  Handbags Designer Luggage The eBags Brand Business and Laptop Cases Backpacks Mess... read more >
Magellan's is a store that offers a wide range of unique and useful travel products. The website has almost everything a traveler might need, from usual items like comfort pillows to hard-to-find items such as wrinkle-resistant travel clothing. Some of the categories that you can find here include: ... read more >
Tom Bihn sells excellent quality bags made of very durable material that are made to look stylish and lasts for years. Tom Bihn makes bags that are prefect for school, hiking, bicycling or carrying a laptop. Tom Bihn also makes dog leashes and bags for carrying dog supplies in. Tom B... read more > is one of the premiere online luggage store serving the United States. offers a huge selection of high quality designer luggage and bags from popular brands at a lower than retail cost.  At shoppers can find: Luggage Sets 4 Wheel Spinn... read more > is an online medium offering a variety of backpacks and bags. They make and sell products which are very innovative to benefit a user’s everyday usage. iSafe’s products are battery operated 125dB audible and visible alarm systems which are lightweight. Once the alarm is acti... read more >
Ready for Anywhere; that’s the Samsonite motto. Samsonite is one of the leaders in the business of luggage, bags, and everything that comes with it. Over one hundred years of reliability, durability, style and innovative functionality have made Samsonite’s iconic products, and brand, the... read more > sells high-end  products for professional uses like tool bags, photographer's bags, and expedition equipments. The amazing thing about the company is that they hire local artisans, tailors and sewers to make these custom-tailored bags which can compete with any brand name on... read more > is an online boutique and marketplace where customers can find unique handbags, jewelry, and other accessories from designers around the world.  Boticca also sells accessories for men including belts, pouches, wallets, hats, ipad and laptop cases, and more.  You can also find u... read more >
The Tote Buddy is an item that organizes reusable bags neatly. It helps the user be organized and decluttered and ready to shop. It helps people to remember to use reusable shopping bags and help the planet, rather than plastic store bags. They offer bags with cheetah print, tropical floral print, b... read more >
CareerBags is a company that sells professional and stylish laptop bags, iPad cases, Kindle cases and more for men and women. They also sell a variety of laptop cases, laptop sleeves, iPad backpacks, iPad covers, iPad stands, iPad handbags, camera bags, personal bags, student bags, luggage and much&... read more >
Rimowa is derived from the founders name- (Ri)chard-(Mo)rszeck. (Wa)renzeichen is not a name but a German word, which translated means trademark. There you have it, Rimowa is a Richard Morszeck Trademark. The Rimowa company started out selling metal trunks, which Richar... read more >
Koffer24 is a renowned German website that specializes in selling high end hand bags, suitcases and other travel bags. The company houses several brands such as Calvin Klein, Fossil, Camel Activ and Louis Vittion.  The website has a great layout and is available in 3 languages and is well liked... read more >
Briggs & Riley offers excellent quality luggage, travel totes and accessories, business cases and computer carriers. All of Briggs & Riley's fine luggage is made to last and comes comes with a "Simple as that" lifetime guarantee that covers any damage the luggage takes, even d... read more >
J World is a world leading seller of backpacks and luggage. They sell everything you would need in a backpack, luggage and laptop bags. They are currently having a 50% off back-to-school sale. One of their best sellers is the rolling backpack. No need to put the heavy backpack over your shoulders, w... read more >
Fashionesta is an online store specializing in high-quality, designer clothing in Europe. It has an extensive selection of men and women clothing and apparel such as: Bags Boots Scarves Sweatshirts Jackets Shoes Vests Suits Shirts T-Shirts Underwear Belts This online store has a lar... read more >
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Vera Bradley makes bags that are easy to personalize with your name or initials right from the online portal. Stephanie Dawn is full of bags aimed at younger audiences such as the specialty Tokidoki bags in the shape of plushie animals with colorful cartoons. Stephanie Dawn will appeal to those look...
Published by Mitchell Wyatt 24 months ago in | +0 votes | 0 comments
Those who have children going back to school will prefer Jansport for their stylish and popular school backpacks. Travelers preparing to make many plane flights will prefer High Sierra for their hybrid backpack carry-on products. Consumers focused more on comfort will appreciate the air mesh straps...
Published by Mitchell Wyatt 25 months ago in | +0 votes | 0 comments
Luggage comes in various sizes and for different purposes. You might look for luggage for just an overnight trip, or luggage for a long vacation. Maybe you just need a backpack or a carrying case for your laptop computer. The following companies sell luggage and computer carrying cases in different ...
Published by Sam Montana 49 months ago in | +0 votes | 0 comments
Tumi, Samsonite, and Rimowa have similar product lines. Each sells rollable luggage, carry-on bags, computer bags and travel accessories. However, the biggest difference in products is pricing. Tumi and Rimowa run a tight race when it comes to price. Each are pricey with Samsonite costing a bit ...
Published by Ray Burow 58 months ago in | +3 votes | 1 comments
Do you own a laptop, iPad or tablet computer? Perhaps you have to consider taking care of your device especially if you frequently travel to other places. These electronic devices are sensitive so cases and bags are necessary. You can actually purchase black laptop bags with iPad and Tablet pockets ...
Published by TinTinB 60 months ago in | +3 votes | 1 comments
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Last answer by Teresa Conti 54 months ago: No, they are water resistant and designed to be used with a tent.  The real issue with sleeping bags is temperature unless you are sleeping outside under the stars.  Most tents are waterproof, so if you use a waterproof tent and sleep on a waterproof pad or two, you sleeping bag just needs... read more
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Last answer by Kaleidoscope Acres 55 months ago: You might like this Handy Solutions Travel Kit Women's TSA Approved, You get a pack of 2 for $12.78.  Noit much to look at but if you are travelling light and need something you can take in  your carry on then this is the kit you may want.  Contains twin blade razor, folding toothbrus... read more
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Last answer by Compression Guru 55 months ago: To answer this question completely, more information would be needed as to what the reason for wearing compression socks would be. There are compression socks for sport, compression socks for people with vein disease, & compression socks for people with lymphedema. All those applications have di... read more
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Last answer by Lindbergh Lendl Soriano 56 months ago: An Ultralight Backpacking Canister Camp Stove with Piezo Ignition costs $9.20 at Amazon while a Coleman PefectFlow 1-Burner Stove costs $23.88. I would take the Coleman camp stove over the Ultralight camp stove any day because in my opinion, it has better quality and has a more established bran... read more
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Last answer by pafjlh 56 months ago: From what I saw when looking at Coleman sleeping bags over at Amazon apparently there are different types of Coleman sleeping bags that are adaptable for different weather conditions.  There are the type that are designed for warm weather camping and those that are designed for colder weather. ... read more
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Last answer by Kaleidoscope Acres 56 months ago: Amazon sells many tents but it is hard to find one large enough for 10 people within your price range.  If you could get each of those 10 people to pitch in $10 you could really get something more roomy and comfortable. There are several tents in that price range that slept 9 but squeezing in ... read more
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Last answer by Kaleidoscope Acres 56 months ago: Coleman is a very reputable name when it comes to camping supplies and their range of quality sleeping bags is no exception. They make different sleeping bags for different seasons, warm weather bags for summer, cool weather bags for spring and fall, cold weather bags, and even extreme weather slee... read more
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Last answer by Kimberley Heit 57 months ago: Hi Tom, I personally like Antler luggage. My husband and I have had the same Antler check-in bags for over 5 years now. Each year they do multiple domestic trips, and they have been on a round the world trip and another overseas trip during this period also. I have also found Antler bags easy to ma... read more
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